TPS Group of Companies Acknowledges National Trucking Week: A Week to Thank our Hardworking Truck Drivers

September 6-12 is National Trucking Week this year, a week to acknowledge the truck driving community and the effort that goes into the transportation industry and its work.

“This week is an important one for us to recognize,” shares Kevin Pattison, President of the TPS Group of Companies in Lively. “Our business relies heavily on truck drivers, especially two of our divisions, our truck driving school, Northern Academy of Transportation Training, and our trucking personnel. Now, even more than ever, truck drivers are an integral part of our workforce. Without them, grocery stores would be empty and hospitals would lack the supplies they require.”

Brian Pattison, who is the General Manager of Northern Academy of Transportation Training shares his brothers’ sentiment. 

“Truck Drivers are an essential service and are in very high demand. That’s one of the great things about having a truck driving school, that we can not only educate and license drivers, but then on our personnel side, we can offer those drivers a new career, which is really rewarding,” shares Pattison. “We have companies calling daily for our licensed AZ graduates, and its a good feeling knowing those drivers had a good-quality education,” adds Pattison.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), the country’s national trucking group, launched National Trucking Week many years ago. It begins on the first Sunday in Sept. and runs to the following Saturday. The purpose of the weeklong celebration is to recognize the important contributions made by the 400,000 Canadian men and women who keep the country’s freight moving.

For more information on getting your AZ license, or starting a career in transportation, contact Northern Academy of Transportation Training 705 692 9222 x 209.

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Northern Academy of Transportation Training specializes in Transportation training, specifically AZ, DZ and Air Brakes.  For 25 years, NATT has been registered as a Private Career College, under PCCA2005. 

For more information: Leslie McDermid, Communications for TPS Group of Companies 

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