Summer Heat Safety Shares: Must- Listen-To Podcast Episodes

🥵 With this hot weather, we thought these podcast episodes might be useful for Safety Share topics, or to send to employees:

Identifying Heat Stress and the Different Stages

John shares important information when workers are working in the heat (indoors or outdoors).

Topics discussed:

  1. What is heat stress
  2. Different stages of heat stress
  3. Things that can make heat stress worse in different people

Top Tips for Preventing Heat Stress

John shares top tips for staying safe while working in the heat. If you missed last week, we covered what heat stress is and the different stages.

Topics discussed:

  1. Different strategies for staying cool and safe while working in the heat
  2. What to drink and if sports drinks are a good option
  3. What not to do when working in the heat

Summer Sun Safety: 5 Minute Safety Share

Today I welcome our STAR guest, John Roberts, back to share some sun safety tips with us! John is the corporate safety manager at NATT Safety services, and I love speaking with John because he always shares such great, simple tips to keep us safe, and that’s so important.

It’s starting to get nicer outside even though where I live it’s been raining a lot, but we all know summer is coming. And with summer comes the heat and humidity and we want to keep you safe.

I’ve linked Episode 45 in the show notes because John was on and shared a really important talk about when workers are working in the heat (indoors or outdoors), and how to identify heat stress as well as the different stages of heat stress. Im going to link that episode because it ties in with our episode today and thinkit’ss a really useful episode to share!

Feel free to use this short and important episode as a safety share, and keep your workers safe!