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“I conducted an audit of this confined space and would like to recognize the professionalism and knowledge of your group.” Mark U

“On Saturday, we took the opportunity to do a simulated rescue from the confined space. I played the part of the casualty and Mika and Mike handled it very well. I was on the domtar ERU for years and the patient care that your rescuers showed was excellent! Their communication to each other as well as to myself was great. I was very pleased.

Thank you for providing excellent service!” Dan C

“I would just like to reach out to ensure pats -on-the back are administered to the team at 33-FDR-101 for me today.

We had a mock rescue that took some challenges to overcome before it was executed flawlessly. I would like to recognize the team for their professionalism, engagement in safety discussion and attitude towards getting it right.

Thanks to Sue also for attention to detail with regards to the rescue plan and presence in the field. She is an exemplary safety professional. Keep up the good work.”  Scott K

“Thanks again for all your help! Your communication made this process very easy! I was very satisfied with my experience. Adam was one of the coolest guys I have ever met and the best instructor I have ever had. I have written a 5 star review on google :).” Christopher Williams, AZ Program 2021

“I would like to thank you guys for helping me get my AZ. You guys have the best professional instructors and I’m glad I chose NATT for my AZ license.” Josh Hikopua

“My experience at NATT was great! I wasn’t there long but the trainers were amazing! They were both very knowledgeable and easy to relax around as it made everything less stressful on us while learning lots of new things!” Shane, AZ Program 2021

“The NATT program was really good! I went in not knowing a whole lot about the requirements of being an AZ driver and what to expect but I came out with so much knowledge. All of the driver trainers took the time to show us what to do and not to do. I recommend the NATT program to anyone looking to upgrade their license. Keep up the great work!!” Colin, AZ Program 2021

“I would like to say some great feed back about your trainer Adam, he is a great trainer in my opinion and is a great asset to your organization. He was very polite and informative on all of the knowledge leading up to the tests, also how he would draw and describe everything for us and show us visually. I have been on many training courses where I want to fall asleep in class due to the dry material. With Adam it was different I was able to stay awake and want to learn more because of how he teaches and kept our attention. He gets excited which in turn made me excited and want to be there bravo to Adam on keeping me awake and alert on this course.
P.S I passed my written A and my Z thanks to the great training I received.” Jonathan Riberdy, AZ Program 2021

“It was a great experience. Training was intense but I learned a lot. How to work safe under pressure.” – Martian Rivard

“The team members are well organized. Each instructor brings their own life experience and allows us to learn and gain trust in their staff. The equipment at the facility allows the students to experience real life situations ideal to our work place. Very well done.” – Jason Baingo

“My experience at NATT was awesome. They have amazing staff, the instructors are informative. I would recommend this course to anybody. The course was very intense , but as time went by the course was getting easier and more understandable.” Patrick Sampson, AZ Graduate

“We found the material covered and more importantly, how it was explained, was very helpful. We both left the course feeling that we had a better grasp on the new legislation and how it pertained to our operation. Thank you”. – Luciano

“My experience was pretty awesome. I had two awesome instructors throughout my course. Everyone that works at NATT is so kind. The instructors will help you if you need help with something. So I like to say awesome job to all the staff that works there. I appreciate the experience I had throughout my course!” – Alexander Shigwadja, AZ Graduate

“Great course, learned lots. Instructors were great, very helpful. I would highly recommend to others!” – Christopher Barry, DZ Graduate

“I enjoyed the program very much. I love my job and look forward to every rewarding day!! The trainers are thorough and dedicated. Covering every aspect to get your AZ. I highly recommend NATT to anyone wanting to better their lives towards a rewarding career. Thank you NATT! I couldn’t have done it without you!” Derek Browatzke, AZ Graduate

“Great course, instructor is fantastic, very helpful! Would recommend to others!” – Christopher Matheson, DZ Graduate

“We have contracted NATT to conduct different training requirements as we need here at Sudbury Hydro. From Forklift truck training to confined space training to upgrading our DZ drivers to AZ certified. We found the training to be what we are looking for in detail and the staff is very accomodating in training dates. We will continue to use NATT as one of our training providers.” – Tom King, Greater Sudbury Utilities

“TPS has consistently met our driver supply demands even when little warning has been given and the quality and expertise of your management, staff and drivers has generally exceeded our expectations.” – Manitoulin Transport

“Northern Academy continuously strives to ensure workers safety through competent Training, as a Fall Protection / Confined Space consultant for Northern Academy, together we ensure workers are well equipped with the knowledge and use of Fall Protection / Confined Space Equipment in every situation.”  procedures.”  Shane Burke, Safety Consultant, National Safety Link

“Over the past several years, you have been able to provide us with quality personnel that satisfied our needs.         
In our highly reactive industry, your staff have been able to provide fully trained able drivers/delivery representatives time and time again, at the last minute.  In addition, the planning and selection of people that you have sent for vacation replacement, and busy seasons have been appreciated.”      
– Summit Food Service Distributors Inc.

“Thank you for coming to our Kapuskasing facility to provide Confined Space Rescue and Fall Protection to our staff. Your professionalism in these two subjects is second to none and we would recommend your services to any general contractor as well as Capital Power Facilities in the province.  Having received training before, I’d just like to highlight the added value we realized using Northern Academy of Transport Training’s services:  We were provided onsite training that best suited the business.The training was provided by highly trained instructors, who know the topics, who know the equipment, and understand what’s required under the Occupation Health & Safety Act.  NATT provided all the course materials with the appropriate use of visual aids without it becoming mundane and boring or repetitive while keeping the staff motivated and involved which resulted in a more interactive learning environment. We were provided the vital hands-on training in a group and individual setting that increased our knowledge of our equipment and site specific policies and procedures.”   – Ian Kowalski, Capital One, Shift Engineer Operations, Kapuskasing Power Plant

“Staff and management in the TPS Group have been professional, courteous, and have truly taken the time to learn and understand the culture and nature of our business.  As a result, the recruits that they have provided to us are quite suitable for integration into our organization as a result.” – Norvac Industrial Services

“Without the support, enthusiasm, encouragement and involvement of outside forces such as yours, our clients would not have had all of the necessary provisions and advantages that have been extended to them and their families.” – Columbia Labour Adjustment Committee

“The management team at TPS is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and employee contentment while using these attributes as measures of strength and stability within their organization. We are proud to be associated with Total Personnel Solutions. Their pursuit of excellence is refreshing and inspiring!” –  Quik X Group of Companies

“I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Northern Academy of Transport Training for all their help over the last five years. NATT has provided Fisher Wavy Inc with not only qualified drivers and heavy equipment operators but also for all their training programs.” – Fisher Wavy Inc. uses NATT for Forklift Training, Power Elevated Working Platform training, Construction Heater Danny Goulden Fisher Wavy Inc.

“The NATT Fall Arrest Program was very informative and your trainers had sound knowledge of the theory and principals of the program. The content of the program, the delivery of the program and the information gained is second to none that I have attended in recent years. After recognizing the dedication and professionalism put forth we are influenced into utilizing your services in the near future. Please extend my recognition to Emjay and Denis for their professional approach to safety and safety training.” – Michael A. Murphy  B & D Manufacturing

“I attended NATT from February 4th, 2019 to March 19th, 2019 and in that time I received hands on and theoretical training. I felt that the course gave me the adequate knowledge to begin a career in the trucking industry. Both instructors seemed to be very knowledgeable in their field, and all other staff was very approachable and understanding. I would recommend NATT to anyone thinking of starting their career in trucking and encourage the school to continue to bring ride along students with them.” – Harrison Noble