NATT Safety Services Expands Confined Space Rescue Services and Training with New Mobile Unit

NATT Safety Services started in the confined space business in 2008, with the first mock rescue performed for Vale 2009. In 2013, the brand NATT Safety Services was officially established and has grown to be the largest confined space rescue provider and in-house training facility in Northern Ontario. 

NATT Safety Services provides safety training and industrial services including CPO-Approved Working at Heights, Confined Space, Mobile Elevated Work Platform, High Angle Rope Rescue and much more. Our foot print is province wide, providing expertise with shutdowns and projects across the province and servicing all industries.  

The NATT Safety Services Training Center, located at 98 Fielding Road in Lively, ON includes a Confined Space Simulator and has the capacity to host a large number of students within the classroom, and two outdoor simulators for Confined Space and Working at Heights.

As more out of town confined space rescue work came to be, the need to have a mobile confined space rescue training unit was needed, in order to train employees who were hired for rescue work. It was also needed because of the out of town locations that NATT Safety has including Ottawa, Sault Ste Marie and Southern Ontario. Because of this need, the new mobile confined space training unit was created and is now operational as of April 2023.

Having hands-on training for confined space situations allows workers to gain skills necessary in these types of situations. It gives them some actual real-life experience that they can take with them on-site to their job, whether in mining, forestry or construction.

The confined space mobile unit provides a real setting to learn about confined spaces and allows workers to get more comfortable with their gear and being inside a confined space, and allows NATT Safety Services to provide their employees valuable training before working in a confined space rescue setting.

During confined spaces drills, workers are timed to get on their gear, enter the space, find various objects and deal with things like noise, smoke, and barriers in the space.

NATT Safety Services provides confined space rescue services for shutdowns within the mining, paper and forestry industries, as well as confined space rescue training. Our capacities are unlimited, with our many years of experience. Our team is extremely strong and highly educated in the field they work in. 

Our main focus is to supply a superior product and service and ensure everyone goes home safely every night or day! 

Companies that require confined space rescue training are encouraged to book the mobile training unit. Contact NATT Safety Services.