Listen Now to the Priority: Safety Podcast!

We have an exciting new project to share with you! TPS Group of Companies presents the Priority: Safety Podcast. Each week we share important safety tips and stories that you can use within your organization and in your workplace.

safety podcast

Listen to the trailer with President and CEO, Kevin Pattison, who shares his idea behind the podcast and how safety has affected his career.

In Episode 1, John Roberts, our Corporate Safety Manager, shares tips and stories about the importance of inspecting workplace equipment. John joins us on a variety of topics and is featured in episode 4 (PPE), 5 (Ladder Safety), 8 (Water Safety) and 14 (Hearing Loss and Prevention).

Safety Podcast

Listen here to Priority: Safety, presented by TPS Group of Companies or view the podcast website here.

More Episodes Available

Episode 3 is Crane Safety 101, Episode 4 is all about using PPE, Episode 5 is Ladder Safety, Episode 6 is top career tips for getting a new job, Episode 7 is all about working safely in the heat, Episode 8 is water safety tips, Episode 9 is how to hire qualified employees, Episode 10 is safety training funding information as well as a great system for keeping your safety training organized, Episode 12 is Back to School safety tips, Episode 13 is a fall from heights fatalities analysis, and Episode 14 is hearing protection tips for National Protect Your Hearing month.

Do you have a safety topic that you would like covered on the podcast? We would love to hear your ideas! Reach out to us by emailing and let us know what safety topic is of interest to you and we will feature your idea on the show. If you would like to be a guest on the podcast, you can also reach out with your topic idea and your background.