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Episode 11- Keep Our Kids Safe: Bus Safety Reminders

Today is a short but important safety share message about driving safely around school buses and even more important is the story Im sharing first.

Before I share the bus safety tips, I want to share a story of 5 year old Adam Ranger. Adam was a 5 year old who was struck and killed by a truck as he stepped off his school bus just outside his home on Friday February 11, 2000, in Mattawa, Ontario. He was killed because someone did not stop for the flashing lights, or stop-arm on the school bus. 

As a mother, I can’t imagine that loss to Adam’s family, friends and the whole community. The Let’s Remember Adam is working hard to get stop arm cameras on all school buses in Ontario and even Canada. The objective of the Let’s Remember Adam STOP for the School BUS campaign is to make sure this kind of tragedy never happens again.

On the website, they share ‘In Ontario, drivers illegally pass school buses more than 30,000 times per day.’

I found some information on the Ontario Ministry of Transportation website, and I will add the link to the show notes so even if you aren’t in Ontario like we are, Im sure these stats are still relevant.

Every school day, over 800,000 students travel in about 16,000 school vehicles. And School bus drivers are less likely to be at fault in a collision than all other drivers. School bus drivers are amazing and help keep our kids safe, so its up to us as the other drivers on the road to pay attention to the road and make sure, absolutely sure we stop for buses.

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